Social Events

Pre-Conference Reception

Please join us for our welcome reception on Wednesday, March 20, from 6pm to 8pm in the Casino Anbau on the campus. Snacks and drinks will be served. Furthermore, you will be able to pick up your conference package at the registration desk. This is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with your colleagues and get to know fellow researchers.

Conference Dinner

Congress_Gesellschaftshaus Palmengarten - Copyright Gesellschaftshaus Palmengarten

Our conference dinner will take place on Friday evening, March 22, at 6pm. The dinner will be held in the Festsaal banqueting hall of the Palmengarten (palm gardens) close to the university. The Palmengarten is a famous botanical garden, also called the green oasis of Frankfurt, which houses numerous tropical and subtropical plants. The banqueting hall is known for its neo-Renaissance ornaments, classical chandeliers and a beautiful, historical banquet floor. Through the large windows towards the Palmenhaus you can enjoy a view over the historical plant collection dating back to the end of the 19th century. If your partner is accompanying you to Frankfurt, he/she is welcome to join the conference dinner.

Saturday Afternoon Social Activities

On Saturday afternoon, March 23, you will have the opportunity to choose between three different guided tours. Again, partners are welcome to join!

City Tour

Sightseeing_Roemer_3 - Copyright visitfrankfurt_Holger Ullmann

Get to know Frankfurt’s urban history during this one-and-a-half hour guided tour of the newly restored old town, home to many famous locations such as the Römer, Emperors’ Cathedral, St Paul’s Church and the Museum Embankment with its magnificent views of the city skyline. With its recent reconstruction, Frankfurt has managed to bring part of its colourful history back to life.

After the tour, you visit the Main Tower’s rooftop observation platform, from where you’ll be able to enjoy breathtaking panorama views of Frankfurt some 200 meters above the city streets.

Campus Tour

Congress_Goethe Universitaet_1 - Copyright visitfrankfurt_Holger Ullmann

The I.G. Farben House, today seat of the humanities and cultural sciences at the Goethe University in Frankfurt, documents the various stages of the 20th century: once world’s largest chemical company was based here, which increasingly cooperated with National Socialism in the 1930s and 1940s and even operated its own concentration camp in Auschwitz. After 1945, the I.G. Farben House served the U.S. Army for five decades.

In addition, the tour presents the perspective of the former forced laborers and shows how both perspectives meet in the post-war history of the Norbert Wollheim trial against I.G. Farben. Norbert Wollheim (1913–1998) was a survivor of the Buna/Monowitz concentration camp and had to perform forced labor for I.G. Farben at the construction site in Auschwitz. The tour ends in the pavilion of the Norbert Wollheim Memorial, opened in 2008, with excerpts from interviews with contemporary witnesses.

Museum Tour

Culture_Staedel Museum_1 - Copyright visitfrankfurt_Holger Ullmann

Established as a civic foundation in 1815 by the banker and businessman Johann Friedrich Städel, the Städel Museum ranks as Germany’s oldest museum foundation. Under a single roof, its collection offers a virtually complete survey of seven hundred years of European art from the early fourteenth century to the present, with focuses on the Renaissance, the Baroque, early Modern art and much more. The holdings encompass altogether 3,100 paintings, 660 sculptures, more than 4,600 photographs and more than 100,000 drawings and prints. Works by such artists as Lucas Cranach, Albrecht Dürer, Sandro Botticelli, Rembrandt van Rijn, Jan Vermeer, Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Max Beckmann, Alberto Giacometti, Francis Bacon, Gerhard Richter, Wolfgang Tillmans and Isa Genzken form the highlights.


Pictures 1, 3, 4, 5: © #visitfrankfurt, Holger Ullmann

Picture 2: © #Gesellschaftshaus Palmengarten